Streamlining Communications, Data Collection, ETL, Testing, and Analysis

These days, it seems that we are drowning in a sea of technology with a plethora of choices. When we want to start a new project based on a simple task, say a new school program, or take on a new client, whether in probation or psychology, we may find ourselves immersed in dozens of choices.

Our tools answer many of the following questions and more:

Do I use AIM as many of my former probation officers and deputy probation officers (I volunteered) did? Which case note management system do I use? How do I get my data into a decently visual form? How do I know who is progressing? Which test are run on this client? In which project are my clients are test elements involved? How do I treat this new situation? Why is Qualtrics so limited?

Simplr Insites, LLC creates a single streamlined platform from which to create projects, tests, communicate with others in your field, obtain useful insights, and manage project components. Researchers, managers, administrators, marketers, analysts, data scientists, and others will find that our intuitive layout can meet their needs.

Create a project, communicate with your team or even others in your field, create a test, create a questionairre or form to be displayed on a personal website, upload existing data, use an existing data set, collect and clean data, understand your attributes, create filters on columns and rows, visualize results, set alerts, communicate, manage test subjects, combine tests and results into reports, obtain recommendations, validate your results, view the complexity of your test subjects or elements, and more.

With over a decade in project management, ETL, streamlining, and in interaction with our target market, we are ready to fit their needs with simple, fast to deploy, easy to use SAS. Obtain an entire management console in a single tool.

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