No-Code Applications Create Savings

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Application development is tedious. Costs quickly stack as more contractors, more people, and more time pours into a project. Simplr Insites eliminates complexity through rapid application deployment based directly on your data.

Speed up Data Driven Application Development

Simplr Insites pushes the envelope of what is possible through no code application automation that fits flawlessly within any organization. Our tools aim to make acquiring, cleaning, and using data a breeze.

Collect information without fear of reprisal, integrate forms into your database, automate collection and changes, create models, and set up triggers to perform actions when a specific activity appears. We allow you to gain a birds-eye view of any application at the data level. Watch as information changes and tune various custom or pre-built automations.

Avoid Costs Through Rapid Application Deployment

The world is changing. You want to stay relevant. Whether you are a low-profit education company or a financial investor combing through millions of transactions on a daily basis, maximizing revenue while minimizing costs is crucial to continued success.

Current Rapid Application Deployment or RAD requires a massive amount of skill. Every program becomes a module that evolves over time to solve organizational problems Feedback drives a solution usually powered by data.

How can I obtain feedback faster on my application?

RAD occurs in multiple phases. An initial design workshop precedes development then feedback and then further development. The development and feedback loop continues through the life of a project or product.

Our tool takes the difficulty away from the technical phase of application development. Seamlessly deploy data. With a no code solution and various levels of automation, a single person can deploy an application where a team was once required.

How does no Code Development fit with RAD?

Consider the case where a company wants to track employee productivity to find outliers, sending a notice to HR that a particular employee requires more training. The company does not have the resources required to build an application on its own. Outsourcing costs up to $50000 per year in addition to a $10000 setup fee.

The organization decides to go with Simplr Insites, tasking the IT team with analyzing business processes and deploying a working application. They set up a process for aggregating and standardizing useful performance metrics through the tool and set the ingestion to run on a weekly interval.

The company analysts develop a simple outlier analysis and create a report emailed to human resources with the names and metrics regarding employee performance. A dashboard on each employee allows HR to dive into core pieces of information.

There is no need to use code and employ programmers in the entire process. Analysts familiar with tools such as Excel perform all of the work. 

Simplifying Application Development

Automation lowers costs, improves processes, and allows companies to react in real time. Simplr Insites allows organizations to automate tasks at a reasonable cost. Our tools offer the power of a development team in an intuitive package.

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