Solving The Still Present Data Sharing, Data Security, and ETL Problem

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

There are many great researchers and plenty of data but there is just not enough quality information. We are producing more masters degrees and PhDs than at any other point in history and yet, we are relying on quality sets that smaller than the number of pizzas sold in the middle of Kansas on a given day to drive real analysis even if the amount of data we have is enormous.

What is the problem with data collection?

Data collection suffers from the problem of being tedious, anxiety-inducing, costly, and boring all at once. Questions are asked regarding topics, streams ingested, and information wrangled. The end product is supposed to be clean information, but this is often just not the case.

This end product is not always within reach or the will of many small, medium, or even large companies. There are still many analysts, counselors, medical professionals, and others who do not possess the knowledge required to turn their data into information worthy of analysis.

The issues can be summed up well in a statement made by a prospective client. “I want good information but do not know R.”

Meanwhile, some datasets suffer from improper survey questions and a lack of sharing. The same project may be ongoing at one or more companies, universities, or organizations.

How can I make use of my current data sets?

Many data sets are just not capable of producing useful information. This is particularly true of survey data. Making use of your dataset requires understanding current challenges with collection and addressing them to create a useful set.

Simplr Insites provides tools for form building, data quality analysis, and dashboarding. We strive to give you the power to create something that is useful and empower automation in any field. As such, we need our clients to have the ability to produce quality data without struggling to learn a new tool.

Our no code solution targets even the strangest Excel use case and attempts to create a process that feels natural and intuitive. Automation pallets, ETL by design, and well thought out infrastructure scaling from one machine to many are the core of who we are.

Automation tools for data collection, cleaning, and analysis

Simplr Insites, LLC is aiming to provide a modern connected web of shared, clean data, that can be used through our powerful population, test, and project management tool to get you from 150 records to 150,000,000 records. Go from regression to neural networks, find every edge case, produce value for our society and your market. Above all, prove your worth.

This is not a simple feat and requires every ounce of knowledge in data security, legal frameworks, data sharing agreements, infrastructure, data collection, FERPA/HIPPA, and other laws, streaming ETL systems, and more. For a simple and small fee, our growth will drive performance.

Come, be a part of the revolution. Grow the modern idea sharing platform, build models to help the world, and be a data scientist for profit or for good.

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