Autonomation that Lowers Cost

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Automation, streamlining, and reducing IT costs or even harnessing the power of IT at low cost are on the mind of every company looking for solutions to application services automation. Simplr Insites, LLC is about reducing those costs and we are doing just that through our unique and innovative back end systems including monitoring and data quality analysis, giving our rapidly developed applications a way to thrive.

What are the current problems with automation software?

Having worked on many different systems at a wide range of startups and established companies and schools, our CTO has a deep understanding of today's technical underpinnings.

"Most systems lack at least one of three things, automation, scale; easy configuration. There is also the use of a plethora of different technologies, driving costs up enormously in terms of software, machinery, and employees."

Our company seeks to constantly improve and pass our savings to our consumers. Simplr Insites' backend systems run on modern and proven technologies. This includes highly scalable databases and tools for working with any sized data.

Reducing complexity through a No Code Solution

The easiest way to eliminate cost is by reducing the difficulty of deploying an application. No code solutions with battle-tested plug and play features offer the perfect alternative to hiring a team of developers and engineers.

"We seek to reduce complexity which allows us to save you both time and money."

Advanced logging and alerts, a strongly interconnected network of machinery, and scalability give our SAAS tools the power of a large company at a nearly insignificant price point. Best of all, you can set up data-driven applications without any coding experience. Our automation pallet and custom automation allow you to make use of the data you collect.

Finding Problems Quickly

Every application needs a health check. Failures happen. When your automation die, your data quality is greatly impaired, or something goes wrong, you need to know.

We empower every application with a quick and easy way to analyze applications for problems. Reports regarding data quality, technical difficulties, and more keep you informed. You can also watch your data change to ensure flawless execution of any automation you build.

"If something goes wrong, we know fairly quickly. At the same time, our machinery, connected through a tight-knit but loosely coupled system, can scale without much input from IT."

Is there a tool that offers application services automation?

Process automation delivers timely, effective, quality products that work repeatably on a wide range of issues. Simplr Insites does just this. Our platform strives to give your company or organization the well-deserved power to get on top of sticky situations with ease.

Everyone deserves the power of a large organization. We aim to give even the solo player the ability to create game-changing applications. We aim to do so in a manner that empowers products and keeps our clients informed of the health of their services at the lowest possible cost.

Come be a part of the revolution in population and program management!

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