Empowerment through Data Management Tools and Solutions

01 / Customized Data Pipelines on Demand

Data pipelines create enriched and useful information from any number of data sources. Simplr Insites helps clients save up to 62% over an on-site team with support for everything from aggregation and ingestion to intelligent de-duplication. We work with your company whether or not you choose to use the intuitive SimplrInsites platform on top of our data APIs for ingestion, note-taking, and data management.

02 / Tools that Work

Any organization needs to use data. Over 50 percent of companies claim that data skills are the most important for their employees. We build tools for case note management, aggregation, standardization, and automation with a growing platform capable of driving action from your datasets. Replace spreadsheets with our modern system and reap the rewards.

03 / Aggregate, Write, Share

Nothing is more important than a thorough dataset. We allow your organization to connect, share notes, create projects, and control access through a simple and intuitive front-end backed by our growing set of backend processes. We follow FERPA, HIPPA, and state regulations on data privacy and help you to do the same. Version control allows you to track and accept changes or revert to an old copy with the push of a button. Integration lets you use data sets in any project.


Our founders spent a decade or more working in IT as developers, data engineers, and project managers. Disgruntled with the lack of acceptance of modern technologies and cost lowering strategies and seeing a desperate need among organizations for automation, collaboration, and better data quality, we create Simplr Insites.


The average company with less than 1000 employees uses 22 applications. We aim combine the power of most applications into one, lowering costs from $8000 to less than $1000 per employee per year. We strive to replace complexity in data hygeine, data acquisition, automation, and application management with simple intuition.


No code solutions to rapid data driven application development allow even the smallest player to compete in their space. Gain deep insight into data, find out what is lacking, and create powerful triggers and automations without resorting to complex Excel code or programming languages such as R. Migrate anything and everything in the process to our streamlined project management system.



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